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Cheaper Ways To Recruit

Save money and time using cost-effective recruitment methods.

How to Attract Candidates Using Facebook

Recruiting through Facebook can be a cost-effective and efficient way of attracting and employing candidates.

How to Attract Candidates Using LinkedIn 

Follow our top tips on how to attract the best candidates using LinkedIn.

How To Write An Effect Job Advert

Follow our guide on how to write the best job advert to attract the best candidates.

When is the best time to hire more staff?

The best time of the year to recruit is January but in 2020, start hiring staff now!

removing bias in hiring process

How to Remove Unconscious Bias From Recruiting and Interviewing

Most people would not like to admit that they hold prejudices of any kind, however, bias does exist within recruitment and there are ways we can reduce it. 

Advertise The Salary On a Job Posting!

Advertise the salary on your job posting or lose out on attracting the best candidates!

How Can I Recruit Employees Quickly On a Budget?

This is an age-old question for every small business owner and HR manager: How can I recruit employees quickly on a budget?

Top Interview Questions To Determine If a Candidate Is a Good Fit... and Why!

By asking these questions, you will prompt candidates to use personal anecdotes and stories which will demonstrate if they have the necessary personal skills to fit into your workplace.

How Many Candidates Should You Interview?

How many candidates you interview depends on two key factors: how quickly you need to fill the vacancy and the type of skillset needed for the position.