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Ad Warrior has emerged as a leading solution in the dynamic world of Job posting, offering a service that strikes the perfect balance between cost-efficiency and professional recruitment support. Rooted in the expertise of recruitment directors, Ad Warrior identified and filled a crucial void in the market—providing a hands-on approach to job listings without the hefty price tag of traditional recruitment services. The essence of Ad Warrior's success lies in its innovative service model, which has been meticulously refined through extensive trials to ensure the best outcomes for clients.

The job market today is more competitive and complex than ever, with employers seeking top talent while being conscious of the costs and time involved in the recruitment process. Ad Warrior simplifies this process, saving clients both time and money without compromising on the quality of applicants. Through a strategic partnership with leading job boards and a comprehensive analysis of the recruitment landscape, Ad Warrior ensures that job adverts are placed where they will be most effective, targeting job boards that attract the most suitable candidates.

Recruiting Candidates for Job in the UK

Ad Warrior is not just about job board optimization; it's about creating a seamless, effective job listing experience. For a single, transparent fee of £349 + VAT, clients gain access to a suite of services that are unmatched in the industry:

  • A 28-day presence on carefully selected job boards, ensuring maximum visibility among relevant candidates.
  • Extended reach across hundreds of aggregated sites, drawing applicants based on job specifics and location.
  • Guarantee of same-day posting to all job boards for submissions made before 3pm, ensuring prompt candidate engagement.
  • Expert assistance with advert writing and keyword optimization at no extra cost, enhancing the advert's searchability and appeal.
  • A dedicated Account Manager providing personalized service and becoming a trusted point of contact.
  • Flexible advert credit usage with no expiration, allowing for strategic posting aligned with recruitment needs.
  • Multiple application management options, including direct ATS integration or email receipt, with a dashboard for client access and review.

Ad Warrior's expertise is acknowledged in the industry, known as a prolific re-poster of job adverts, which are typically posted under the Ad Warrior brand. This strategic branding ensures that applicants' perceptions remain unbiased, while also enabling premium and featured listings on key job boards. Moreover, Ad Warrior's volume discounts and sponsored posting options provide cost-effective avenues for employers to attract talent.

Advertising and Job posting in UK

Candidate Search

For clients looking for bespoke branding, Ad Warrior offers a premium service that showcases the employer's brand, complete with logos and company names on the job listings, subject to the job board's listing criteria. This branded option enhances employer visibility and reinforces the employer's brand identity in the job market.

The commitment to excellence is reflected in Ad Warrior's high client retention rate, an affirmation of the unparalleled service quality and effectiveness of the job adverts posted. Advertisers at Ad Warrior are dedicated to expediting the listing process, upholding a 3pm deadline for same-day postings to ensure prompt candidate engagement.

In summary, Ad Warrior represents an evolution in job posting and job board services, delivering an accessible, professional, and effective platform for employers to connect with potential employees. It's an innovative job listing ally, designed for modern businesses that value both the quality of their hires and their recruitment budget. With Ad Warrior, the job posting process is transformed into a strategic advantage, ensuring that each vacancy reaches its ideal candidates efficiently and effectively.

Post jobs on up to 1000 job boards.

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Post a job on up to 1000 job boards

Effortlessly post adverts across up to 1000 job boards. Get immediate application notifications and dedicated account management. Utilise seamless integration with application portals for a streamlined recruitment process. All for £349+VAT.


Track applications and candidates

The recently-introduced, client-requested in-built shortlisting system facilitates easy identification and marking of suitable and unsuitable candidates, streamlining the selection process and enhancing user experience in candidate management.


Manage from your own dashboard

You gain access to a level 2 ATS to manage applications for live job vacancies through a user-friendly dashboard. Features include managing vacancies, tracking application numbers, purchasing credits, and reposting adverts.


Save money buying credits

Purchase advert credits with no expiry date, and the more credits you buy the lower the cost per credit. This allowed credits to be secured at a reduced rate for whenever needed, ensuring both flexibility and economical ad posting.


Applicant Tracking System