Job Boards

How to post Job ads on Online Job Boards

With Ad Warrior, a single job post reaches up to a thousand job boards, offering an unrivaled spread across the UK's job-seeking landscape. Our straightforward system allows clients to effortlessly upload vacancies via our 'post a job' template. Once submitted, our adept advertising team refines the ad, infusing it with the right keywords and enhancements to ensure it attracts the right talent. With a simple approval click, your job is live across top job boards, and you're instantly in the loop with application notifications for a full 28-day listing period.

Tailored Support and Integration

Every client at Ad Warrior is paired with a dedicated Account Manager for personalised guidance. We accommodate clients with their own career pages by linking directly to these portals, ensuring a streamlined applicant experience. Even if applications are directed to us, they are swiftly rerouted to the client's intended destination, all within the competitive pricing of £299 + VAT per advert.

Dashboard Oversight and Tracking

Clients gain complimentary access to our level 2 Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a powerful tool to manage responses to live job vacancies. Depending on preference, CVs are channelled directly to the dashboard, where clients can:

  • Monitor all vacancies and their current status.
  • View applicant tallies for individual roles.
  • Organise, manage, and curate candidate shortlists.
  • Purchase credits easily for continuous posting.
  • Repost jobs as needed.

This dashboard is designed for a frictionless client journey from start to finish.

Cost-Efficient Credit Purchases Without Expiry

Ad Warrior extends an exceptional offer to clients – the chance to buy advert credits that never expire. While a single advert stands at £299 + VAT, purchasing in bulk significantly reduces the cost per credit. These everlasting credits have made package purchases a hit with clients, affording them the luxury of stockpiling for future use without any concern for time constraints.

Simplified Candidate Selection

Our ATS, accessible via the client dashboard, not only displays current and past job adverts but also streamlines the application management process. With the newly introduced shortlisting feature, clients can efficiently earmark promising candidates and filter out the rest, simplifying the hiring process. This enhancement, born from client feedback, exemplifies Ad Warrior's commitment to continuous improvement and client satisfaction.

One post, up to a thousand job boards simultaneously

Our user-friendly process allows clients to effortlessly upload job vacancies using the ‘post a job’ template. After submitting, our advertising team ensures the ad's content is optimal, adding necessary keywords and making amendments to attract quality candidates. Once approved, the ad is posted on top UK job boards with one click. Clients are promptly notified of applicants via email, and each vacancy remains listed for 28 days. A dedicated Account Manager serves as the primary contact for every client. Notably, we can integrate external URL application links for clients with personal career pages, directing applicants to their portals. Though some applications may come directly to us, we promptly redirect them to the intended client portal. The cost remains a competitive £349 + VAT per advert.



Keep an eye on things with your own dashboard

Ad Warrior clients get free access to a level 2 Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This ATS lets them manage applications for live job vacancies. Depending on job posting preferences, CVs are emailed and uploaded to the dashboard for shortlisting.

Dashboard features:

    • View all posted vacancies and their status.
    • See application counts for each role.
    • Manage vacancies and generate shortlists.
    • Buy credits with a click for uninterrupted postings.
    • Repost expired adverts.

Ad Warrior's dashboard ensures a seamless experience for clients.

Save even more money by buying credits

Ad Warrior’s a unique opportunity to its clients, and that is to not have any time restrictions nor expiry dates applied to any advert credits that have been purchased. The standard cost for a single advert is currently £349 + VAT, however the more advert credits purchased the lower the cost per credit. With having no time restrictions and expiry dates applied, this makes the purchasing of packages very popular with all new and existing clients, allowing them to take advantage of the package offer and purchase credits at a lower rate. They can then have them on their account with no worries about when they need to be posted by. As long as the account stays active, the credits will remain unused and ready to use.



Track applications and view CVs

The level 2 ATS that we have featured within the client dashboard allows all clients to view any of their job adverts, either past or present. In this section of the site, clients will also be able to click and manager the applications for each job advert posted with Ad Warrior. We have an in-built shortlisting system which allows you to highlight any candidates that would be classed as suitable, and also mark any unsuitable candidates. This is a feature which has recently been introduced to the Ad Warrior service at the request of existing clients to make the process of selection much easier and straightforward.