Data Privacy Day

On January 28th, we celebrate Data Privacy Day, an international initiative to highlight the importance of privacy for people and businesses. It’s a day for IT and Compliance managers worldwide to appreciate the significance of data privacy and gently remind everyone why it matters.

Why have a Data Privacy Day?

Think about when you visit a website. Do you read the terms and conditions to know what data they collect and how they use it? Or do you just click “accept all cookies“?
If you do either without caution, your personal information could be at risk.
Data Privacy Day exists to make people aware of the information collected through online tracking and why it’s crucial to protect our data.

Simply put – “data is power”.

Data may seem meaningless on its own, but it becomes valuable when put into context. Our lives are heavily influenced by technology, with our devices storing lots of information like our search history and passwords. Every time we go online or search for something, someone records and uses that information.

Your data is powerful. It’s used for targeted ads and campaigns, but it can also be stolen for identity theft. Ever seen ads on social media related to your conversations or searches? That’s your data being used commercially.


If you click through terms and conditions without thinking and accept cookies freely, your data could end up anywhere online, even on the dark web. Internet Privacy Day raises awareness about these risks and how to protect yourself.

National Data Privacy Day reminds us all about the importance of cybersecurity. Whether you’re shopping online or just reading the news, your online activities are always being watched. Without proper security, you could become a victim of fraud or a data breach.

For everyone online, it’s crucial to stay alert to evolving cyber threats. Neglecting your security can lead to serious problems, even though you have the right to protect your personal information.

On National Data Privacy Day, let’s commit to a shared responsibility for privacy protection. Whether at home, or work, your privacy matters, and so does your safety.

Here are some valuable tips to safeguard your online data:
▪️ Browse in incognito or private mode on your web browser
▪️ Remember to lock your laptop, even when leaving your desk
▪️ Create strong and smart passwords
▪️ Think about using a VPN for online browsing
▪️ Use a reliable password manager
▪️ Opt for a privacy-focused web browser
▪️ Browse in incognito or private mode on your web browser
▪️ Restrict the personal information you share on social media
▪️ Familiarise yourself with your privacy rights
▪️ Clear your cookies and cache regularly
▪️ Restrict the personal information you share on social media
▪️ Where possible, utilise multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA), not just at work.

Data Privacy Day serves as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility in safeguarding our digital identities.

Let’s empower ourselves with knowledge and proactive measures to protect our privacy in an increasingly interconnected world.

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