Cost Effective Recruitment

Ad Warrior distinguishes itself from traditional recruitment agencies through a cost-effective and streamlined approach to hiring talent. In the domain of internal recruiting, where companies manage the entire hiring process independently, challenges such as resource allocation and escalating costs often arise. Posting job descriptions on various platforms demands subscription fees, and the expenditure on internal resources can be considerable, particularly for companies with a limited number of job openings.

On the other hand, external recruiting involves partnering with recruitment agencies, which, though efficient, incurs a substantial cost. The standard commission model, usually around 20-25% of the candidate’s first-year salary, can significantly impact a company’s budget.

Ad Warrior presents an alternative that combines the benefits of external recruitment without the extortionate costs. Our fixed fee advertising model allows companies to pay a one-off fee for advertising while accessing most services provided by traditional recruitment agencies. This approach slashes costs by a remarkable 80-90%, making it an attractive proposition for businesses seeking a budget-friendly hiring solution.

Once a company submits relevant information, the Ad Warrior team optimises the content, it is then shared across the top job boards and hundreds of aggregated sites, ensuring it attracts suitable candidates. The added advantage is the ability to monitor and manage applicants yourself through a user-friendly portal (ATS).

In essence, Ad Warrior empowers companies to take charge of their recruitment process without incurring the hefty expenses associated with both internal and external recruitment methods. By offering fixed-fee advertising, Ad Warrior strikes a balance between cost-effectiveness and comprehensive recruitment services, making talent acquisition more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Find out more about how our services work and how we can save you time and money, whilst providing your with exceptional customer service.

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