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How do I go about posting an advert?

There are 2 simple ways to do this, either click the ‘Post a Job’ tab, or ‘Sign In / Create and Account’ and register your details. If you go directly to Post a Job, it will take you through the whole process, from posting a job advert through the Ad Warrior template to making payment and submitting the advert. If you register, you can then purchase either a single job advert or multiple adverts at a discount, you can then post a job by following the links either on the home page or through the employer panel.


Can I edit my job advert?

Once the advert has been submitted and approved by the Ad Warrior team, changes cannot be made. However, you can create a job advert and edit it as much as you require before submitting the final version.


Can I post more than one advert at a time?

Yes, you can post as many as you wish. The quickest way to do this is purchase a package. You will then have ‘credits’ available to post as many as you purchased.


Do the adverts purchased through packages need to be used up within a certain amount of days?

No, all of the available adverts will be available until you need to post them. Unlike many of the job boards and other competitors, we do not apply any expiry dates or time restriction on the credits once they have been purchased. Meaning they can be used as and when required at any point in the future.


How long does each advert posted go online for?

All of our job postings will show on the leading job boards for 28 days.


What sites will our advert be displayed?

The multiple job listings will be advertised on Total Jobs, Jobsite, Indeed, Monster, Adzuna, Job Flurry, Our Likedin Company share, social medias and many more aggregated sites that are directly linked to job specifics and the location of posting.


What do you mean when you say location of posting?

Many of the adverts are linked through keywords and post codes, therefore adverts are automatically redirected to local site (these can be local job boards, online newspaper adverts, local magazines etc).


How can I view the applications for my job vacancy?

When submitting the advert, the client has the option to receive 'application notifications'. If this is selected the client will receive any applications through an automated email sent on a daily basis (usually between 9 - 930am). All applications will also go directly into the client ATS where they can be viewed, downloaded and managed internally.

We also rediect candidates and applications directly to an external URL if required.


What if I am not 100% sure on how to advertise my job role?

Don’t worry, fill in as much detail as you can on our straight for Job posting template and purchase the advert. One of the Ad Warrior team will then build an advert based on the information provided. Please do provide some information about the company as this will help the consultant build a more detailed advert.


How will I know once my advert has been posted on the leading job boards?

Once the Ad Warrior team has made any alterations (added keywords etc) and proofed it, this will then be ‘approved’ and posted. You will receive an email that the advert has been approved, which will be the indication it has been posted online.


I am not sure what salary I should be offering as it will be down to the individual and discussed upon interview?

That is quite common, but if possible, provide us with a range so this can be advertised. It certainly helps attract applications when a salary is visible on the advert.


How can I advertise a job for less than £230.00?

To purchase 1-4 adverts, it will cost you only £229 + VAT per advert. As soon as you purchase 5 or more adverts discount is applied making each advert less than £229.00 + VAT.


When is the best time to advertise?

Applicant activity varies so much due to various lifestyles. However, all of our adverts are refreshed every 4-5 days so they do not get pushed down the order on the job boards. No matter when you post the advert, they are online for 28 days.


What happens if I do not recruit anyone for the whole period of advertising?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee quality and quantity of applicants, we post the advert and send over the CV’s received, therefore if you are still looking to recruit you would be best to re run the advert. If you join our chat, one of our team members will look at offering a discount code if the same advert is required to be reposted.