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Top Interview Questions To Determine If a Candidate Is a Good Fit... and Why!

By asking these questions, you will prompt candidates to use personal anecdotes and stories which will demonstrate if they have the necessary personal skills to fit into your workplace. 


1. What would you consider to be personal weakness? 

You will want to ask this question to see if a candidate can be self-critical and reflect. We all have flaws, it's how they can then turn that flaw into a strength, or how they can look to better themselves on reflection of that flaw. For example, "I sometimes spend too long on a task, however that does mean my work very rarely has any mistakes. To make sure I use my time more effectively,  I evaluate how important the task is to the company and allocate the correct amount of time to it, ensuring I focus on more important tasks that are really going to drive the business.


2. Tell me about a stressful scenario in the past and how you handled it.

An obvious question, but it will really give you some insight into how this candidate performs under pressure. 


3. Have you ever had to drive change with senior management and how did you handle it? 

This question will give you a really good indication on numerous aspects of a candidates's character:

a) Are they a 9 - 5'er or are they someone who will give a lot more thought to the job 

b) How they view and treat senior management

c) How well they are able to articulate their thoughts


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