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How Can I Recruit Employees Quickly On a Budget?

recruit quickly

This is an age-old question for every small business owner and HR manager: How can I recruit employees quickly on a budget?

You can recruit quickly using an agency, however, they often cost a lot and take a percentage of the salary of the job advertised. Quick but not on a budget!

To make recruitment more affordable, we would advise using social media and online job boards.

By recruiting via social media, you are able to connect directly with people who are actively seeking to change jobs and have their CV's ready to download (thank you Linked In!) or people whose profile fits the job description and are passively looking to leave their current employment. LinkedIn and Facebook are also fantastic platforms for tapping into groups and networks in the field you are looking to recruit in as well as location.

Understandably, social media recruitment is effective but is also time-consuming and requires dedicated time or resources. So the second option we recommend is job boards, or more specifically top leading job boards. Active job seekers will be signed up to these platforms and regularly checking the for updates. These are usually relevant candidates ready to employ. Sounds great, but again it will also set back time and money managing applications from multiple job boards. 

This is why Adwarrior made the decision to combine these two effective recruitment strategies to help you save time and money. We use both social media and leading job boards to quickly and effectively attract candidates to apply to your job advert. For a minimal fee, we take on the cost and management of advertising your job vacancy for 28 days to get you the right candidates using our level 3 ATS system. All you have to do is approve or decline CVs! 


Interested in advertising a job vacancy? Start your advert today with Adwarrior.