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About Ad Warrior


Ad Warrior was founded by the Directors of a Recruitment Company who had noticed a gap in the market with businesses not wanting to pay high recruitment fees but at the same time not wanting to source their own staff with no assistance.
The product was trialled and tested for some time and proved to be successful, since then the business and brand has gone from strength to strength and has assisted clients with the posting and advertising of thousands of jobs.
Our product helps to ensure that our clients save themselves time AND money by using Ad Warrior. We have analysed the recruitment industry over several years and hand selected the best job boards to partner with to get the adverts best placed. The theory behind the analysis was to identify the job boards that had the most suitable candidate applications, identify the job boards that would receive an application of the same candidate first, how many applications are received and the number of candidates those chosen sites have access to. Businesses often use Ad Warrior for the effectiveness of the service, and the simplicity of the online process.


Our single adverts cost the client £249 + VAT, but we are also able to offer discounted packages that bring the cost per advert down significantly depending on the package requirement. With the service clients receive:


☉ 28 Day adverts across a host of selected leading job boards
☉ 28 Day adverts across hundreds of aggregated sites that pull based on job location and specifics
☉ Same day posting (if submitted prior to 3pm) to all job boards simultaneously
☉ Professional advice on the writing and presentation of the adverts including adding keywords at no additional cost
☉ A dedicated Account Manager who will be the point of contact
☉ No expiry dates or time restrictions on any of the advert credits purchased, all credits will remain on an active account until the requirement is there to post them
☉ The choice to post using external URL application or careers page if required, allowing all applications to go direct to the client ATS
☉ The option to receive all applications via email, but all applications will be held within the client login on the dashboard for them to view


With the volume of adverts posted online by Ad Warrior, we are a recognised re-poster of job adverts and therefore post the majority of them under the Ad Warrior branding. Doing this allows our clients to receive organic applications with no influence (positive or negative thoughts on the client), premium and featured posting on some of the premium sites, sponsored postings on relevant adverts and being able to provide competitive cost we do.
We do have the option to brand adverts, but the cost is greater, and there is a minimum amount of 5 credits that need to be purchased for us to consider this. Branded Adverts include the same service as our standard adverts, but on certain job boards we are able to show the client name and logo. Depending on what the job boards support in their listing criteria, all sites will have the client name listed rather than 'our client', and the advert will come under the name of the client, rather than 'Ad Warrior'.
We pride ourselves on the service we provide, and this is shown by the high returning customer rate we currently have. Our advertisers work hard on getting adverts out as soon as they can, however we do work on the basis that 3pm is the cut off point each day for same day posting.